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A satirical (but oh-so-serious!) blog covering the Republican war on American democracy, written by the author of, Jerry Finkelstein.

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We Would Have Won

Despite the January 6th committee’s findings, the Republicans still forge forward in their plans to dismantle democracy as we know it.

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Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Rumor has it that none of his family members would share Thanksgiving with him, so he invited Kanye and Nick Fuentes to discuss his 2024 campaign plans.

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Let the War Begin

The Republicans embraced The Don, and now they will have to face the gruesome consequences of this bargain with the devil.

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Democracy, Meh?

So many think Democracy at risk, but so few seem to think it is something worth voting for.

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January 2023

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About The Author

Jerry Finkelstein is a psychologist with a deep interest in politics. He believes the Republican Party has become a dangerous anti-democratic party willing to do anything to hold on to power. Their fealty to a delusional ex-president, who promotes conspiracy and lies, stokes animus towards all but aggrieved white people and refuses to accept the legitimacy of an election, makes The Grand Offal Party a threat to democracy as we know it.

He is the author of, which, with Trump’s departure, has morphed into this new endeavor. He has performed his one- person show “Peristalsis (Look it Up!),” at the 2014 NYC Fringe Festival. He is the author of the YA novel “Dog days of Summer.” a number of short plays, and the “The Center,” a TV pilot about a College Counseling Center, which to his chagrin, has not been picked up by any producers (yet!). He has also recorded four albums with the “Twisted Whispies,” a Jazz-Cabaret duo.

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