Horse Shit

The pandemic continues to create 150,000 new cases a day and over 1,000 deaths. The cry of “Live Free or Die,” continues to be shouted from the rafters by America’s scientifically deluded and deranged adherents. All over the country people are demonstrating against our fascist government’s science based approach of vaccination and masking. 

And of course, who can resist the obvious comparison of mask and vaccine mandates to Nazi Germany and the holocaust? You would have to be a fool not to see the link. Once you mandate wearing a mask, or vaccination it is just a matter of time before people will be rounded up and brought to the gas chambers. Some crazy shit. Don’t these people remember that their kids need certain vaccines to attend school now? Some crazy shit. To be exact, some good ole country horse shit! 

Here are a few recent Nazi tropes:

John Bennett, the chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, on the group’s Facebook page said: “Private companies requiring employees to get the coronavirus vaccine are just as bad as the Nazis forcing Jews to wear the yellow Star of David on their clothes.

“Those who don’t KNOW history, are DOOMED to repeat it,” read the caption, below an image of a Star of David patch with “Unvaccinated” written across the top.

The Nazis “gave [Jews] a star to put on, and they couldn’t go to the grocery store, they couldn’t go out in public, they couldn’t do anything without having that star on their shirt,” Bennett said. “Take away the star and add a vaccine passport.” 

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) compared vaccine passports to Nazis forcing Jews to wear the yellow Star of David. 

In June, Washington state Rep. Jim Walsh (R) wore a yellow Star of David during a live stream, stating that it conveyed how “denying people their rights … can lead to terrible outcomes.”

Then there is Marjorie Tayor Greene, who after apologizing for repeatedly comparing mask mandates to the star of David, decided she really didn’t want to apologize and compared those leading the Biden administration’s push for vaccination to “brownshirts.” (The term refers to a paramilitary group that helped Hitler and the Nazis gain power in Germany.)

And to that I call horse shit, horse shit, horse shit! 

All this horseshit brings me to the pushing of ivermectin, a deworming medication for horses, by a fringe group of medical professionals, as an alternative to widespread vaccination against Covid 19.

Prescriptions for ivermectin jumped to 88,000 in the week ending August 13, up from just a few thousand a week prior to the pandemic and a four-fold increase since July, the CDC said. Meanwhile, ivermectin-related calls to poison control centers are up 400 percent, the agency said.

In an effort to quell the enthusiasm for the medication,  the U.S. Food and Drug Administration tweeted: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

When I saw this I thought it was the name of a new children’s book that was derivative of one of my daughter’s favorites called “Are You My Mother?”. In this book, a baby searches for her mother and asks different things (including a tractor!) if they are her mother.

Here’s how “Are You a Horse?” could start:

“Who are you?

“Are you a horse?”

“No, of course you are not a horse.”

“Are you a cow?”

“Wow, you are certainly not a cow.”

“Are you a moose, a cat, or a bat?”

“Oh no, you are definitely not that.”

“So are you sure you are not a horse?”

“Of course.”

“So who are you?”

Mark McDonald, a California psychiatrist, one of the proponents of the value of ivermectin, tried to clarify his position by saying “ you should not get (ivermectin) from a feed lot.” 

Are you comforted by that? I certainly am. “Attention, Attention, all those who run feed lots, please don’t give dewormer to people!”

And surprise, surprise, McDonald was also one of several doctors summoned by Ron DeSatanist for a discussion on mask policies in schools. In his comments, he argued that “masking children is child abuse.”  He also likened mask mandates to apartheid. 

Did you catch that McDonald is a psychiatrist? That makes him an expert in prescribing all kinds of drugs, including horse dewormer. Can’t you see the natural progression from Prozac to ivermectin? Would you send your child to him?

Dr. McDonald: Your mom tells me you think you are a horse?

Child: No I don’t.

Dr. McDonald: Many people think they are a horse, sorry don’t be upset.

Child: But I don’t think I am a horse.

Dr. McDonald: I know it is hard to admit. But I have something to help you with this problem. 

Child: Mommy, mommy. Please help me. This doctor is crazy. He is full of horse shit!

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