It’s Going to Be Wild

The January 6th commission continues to be revelatory. So let’s get into it; let’s talk about the infamous clandestine meeting on the night of December 18th. 

If there was an invitation it might read: Urgent! Desperate circumstances require desperate measures: New strategies for overturning the 2020 election

This meeting occurred after each state counted their electoral votes on December 14th  and confirmed that Joe Biden was the winner. Attorney General Barr, Mitch McConnell and a host of other prominent Republicans made statements that Joe Biden was the victor. Every attempt that The Don and his cronies made to prove fraud, and that the election was stolen, had been refuted and it was time to move on, time for The Don to concede.

Fat chance. The Don doesn’t lose. There had to be a way to stop this from happening. 

Can you imagine how outraged The Don was when he heard Barr and McConnell closed ranks and put the nail in the coffin of his delusion? Rumor has it that he had to be convinced not to call Rudy G., who knew a guy, who knew another guy, who would gladly do some damage to the betrayers. 

Not to be deterred, The Don summoned his trusted inner circle: General Mike Flynn, Attorney Sidney Powell and the former C.E.O of, Patrick Byrne. Byrne’s presence must have really infuriated, Mike, Snubbed, Lindell, the Pillow Guy. Rumor has it that Lindell was found intoxicated at a local Washington bar ranting and raving. “How could the president do this to me after the way I have supported him? What was he thinking when he had Byrne at the meeting? That he could get him an endless supply of plates that he could smash in the dining room? The only reason the president sleeps even a few hours at night is because of the support of MyPillow!

And what about Rudy G., who was hanging out all by himself in the cabinet room? Why wasn’t he included? When asked about it, Rudy claimed he “liked” hanging out in the cabinet room by himself. That’s how pathetic and delusional Rudy has become. Perhaps the most important meeting in the Don’s attempt to overturn the election and Rudy is not included? Did he think he was being held on the sidelines for a special moment where he would swoop in and save the day? And why was he escorted out of the White House by Mark Meadows? Maybe Rudy was even too crazy for Powell and Flynn? Rumor was that Rudy wasn’t simply escorted.

Rumor has it that when he heard the Overstock guy was there, he called Mike Lindell who invited him to join him at the bar. Lindell continued to rail against the Overstock guy and Rudy fumed that The Don had chosen Sidney Powell over him. Rudy mentioned to Lindell that he knew a guy, who knew a guy…

So how did these three get into the White House without being noticed? Quite a coup! After all, security is supposed to prevent things like that. Must have been an inside job, right? Indeed it was. Garrett Ziegler, an aide to Peter Navarro, said he escorted Flynn, Powell, and Byrne into the Oval Office. Rumor has it that the tree of them, were incognito and wore police uniforms so as not to look suspicious. If you believe Navarro’s denial- that he didn’t instruct Ziegler to allow the trio in- then I have a unicorn to sell you.

According to Pat Cippollone, the white House attorney, who testified to the commission, it was quite a scene. Supposedly, Cippollone was in the white House at the time and was told about the meeting and tore ass down the hallway and barged in. His first response was WTF? And who the fuck was this guy? Oh, he’s the former CEO of Can’t you imagine Cippolone losing his shit and screaming?

Cipollone: WTF is he doing here and WTF is going on?

Flynn: WTF does it look like we are doing, asshole? We are brainstorming to figure out a way to keep our president in office. He won the election. It’s an outrage.

Powell: Total outrage

Cipollone: Where’s the evidence? Where is the fucking evidence? 

Flynn: It’s coming, don’t you worry. We have some new secret info that aliens changed some of the ballots in Biden’s favor. We will have video footage shortly.

Powell: Pat, you call yourself a patriot? You are a traitor. You should be brought up on treason.

The Don: We are going to ask the Secretary of Defense to seize voting machines and put Sidney in as a special council to examine and expose the fraud.

Flynn: I know a lot of people in the military who will jump at the chance to keep our president in power.

Cipollone: If you do this Mr. President, the country will turn against you. It is a grave mistake. And making Powell the special council? Are you out of your mind?

Powell: You’re just jealous, Pat. I am going to be the hero in all this. I will steamroll your ass!

Flynn: Ha! Ha! Give it to him Sydney. He’s just a little twerp.

The Don: As much as I want to do this, I think Pat is right. I think it could backfire. But don’t worry, I have another plan.

Flynn: What, Mr. President?

The Don: You’ll see.

Infuriated that his plan to have the military seize voting machines was thwarted The Don took to  the internet. At 1:48 AM he tweeted:

“Big protest in D.C. on January 6th,” “Be there, will be wild!”

That tweet set his radical supporters on fire stimulating a wildfire of tweets:

“Is the 6th D-Day? Is that why Trump wants everyone there?” 

“Trump just told us to all come armed.”

“It will be wild means we need volunteers for the firing squad.”

“It’s already apparent that literally millions of Americans are on the verge of activating their Second Amendment duty to defeat tyranny and save the republic.”

“A red wedding going down,” a reference to the “Game of Thrones” show in which many of the attendees are murdered at a wedding.

“Why don’t we just kill them, every last Democrat, down to the last man, woman and child.’”

 “It’s time for the day of the rope. White revolution is the only solution,'” Raskin said.”

Tweets like these were flying all night long. Guess Mr. Pillow’s magic didn’t work that night as The Don was up all night reveling in the revolution he had ignited. And damn it was wild!

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