Only One Fox In This Henhouse

When it comes to digging deeper into an understanding of what happened on January 6th-or as some say, the day American democracy almost died- it remains remarkable that the Republican party has thwarted any inquiry into the event. 

Remarkable as it is, it is not unusual for denial and confabulation to take hold when the exposure of the truth can have seismic consequences. We have seen this throughout history in our country with our difficulty coming to terms with the devastating consequences of our own imperialism, the whitewashing of racism and the decimation of our indigenous people to name a few. 

The Republican party is like a family that knows one of their children has been sexually abused by the father, but refuses to acknowledge it for fear of the father’s wrath and dread of the dissolution of the family.  

We still have Delusional Don, the abusive father, rambling on about what a great time January 6th was. 

“In all fairness, the Capitol Police were ushering people in,” Trump said. Didn’t you hear the Capitol police welcoming the crowd?

The Delusional Father Don goes on: 

“The Capitol Police were very friendly. They were hugging and kissing. You don’t see that. There’s plenty of tape on that,” “There was a lot of love. I’ve heard that from everybody. Many, many people have told me that was a loving crowd.” 

Frankly, if that’s love, bring on the hate! If that’s ushering, bring on the bull run in Spain.

Reality check time; 

Five people died in connection with the riot, among them Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. More than 100 other cops were injured in the melee. Over 500 people have been arrested because they just loved a little too much.

Doesn’t it make you think, “Man, peace out; this is like Woodstock all over again!”?

After the Senate rejection of a bi-partisan committee, Madame Moxie, Nancy Pelosi, did what needed to be done. She decided to have the House do a thorough investigation on its own. Call her crazy, but doing a deep dive into an insurrection that could have resulted in the death of lawmakers (including the Vice President) and dismantling our democracy seems reasonable, don’t you think?

She formed a committee and invited Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader of the House (and award winning suck up to The Don), to select representatives from the Republicans to participate. McCarthy in a cynical ploy chose 5 members from his party, which included Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. Pelosi, as House leader, had the right to accept or reject McCarthy’s selections and she pushed the ejector button on Jordan and Banks.

McCarthy was apoplectic. How dare Pelosi reject his offerings? How could she have the nerve to bar the foxes from the hen house? So incensed, he pulled all his people from the committee, even the ones Pelosi accepted as participants. 

How dare she do this! 

Let’s contemplate Jim Jordan’s comments to see why:

Mr. Jordan said in December that there was “no way” Mr. Trump should concede the election, even after the Electoral College certified Mr. Biden’s victory.

“Americans instinctively know there was something wrong with this election,” Mr. Jordan said, arguing for invalidating electoral votes for Mr. Biden on Jan. 6. “During the campaign, Vice President Biden would do an event and he’d get 50 people at the event. President Trump at just one rally gets 50,000 people.” (Maybe that’s because democrats didn’t want to die from Covid?)

“I think it’s important to point out that Democrats created this environment, sort of normalizing rioting, normalizing looting, normalizing anarchy, in the summer of 2020, and I think that’s an important piece of information to look into.” (Read: Yes, once again it’s black folks fault because of BLM protests.)

And here is Banks:

“Make no mistake, Nancy Pelosi created this committee solely to malign conservatives and to justify the left’s authoritarian agenda. I will not allow this committee to be turned into a forum for condemning millions of Americans because of their political beliefs.”

Pelosi actually asked Liz Cheney to be part of the investigation. Cheney was all in. Here’s what she had to say about Kevin McCarthy.

“The rhetoric that we have heard from the minority leader is disingenuous. At every opportunity, the minority leader has attempted to prevent the American people from understanding what happened, to block this investigation.”

Cheney stated that Pelosi had been right to bar Mr. Jordan and Mr. Banks from the panel, saying that Mr. Jordan was a potential “material witness” and Mr. Banks had “disqualified himself” with recent comments disparaging the committee’s work.

Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Jordan and Mr. Banks, me thinks “thou doth protest too much.” Was that you who toured insurrectionists through the Capitol building a few days before the love-fest? Was that you who gave them the blueprint of the building? Just wondering. Conspiracy theory?

Without you foxes in the hen house to disrupt things, we may get to the truth of what really happened and who was behind it all. Without you, we may discover that the role the abusive father played in the process is more heinous than what we already know. All that is unearthed will bring even more shame on your party and impact 2024 elections. So no Mr.McCarthy, you can’t have any foxes in the hen house. The only fox is Madame Moxie who outfoxed you and promised America that they will have the truth.

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