Welcome To Our (Rotten)House

While sitting at a traffic light in Mt. Pocono, PA, a pick up truck adorned with American flags came into view displaying the banner: Kyle Rittenhouse American Hero. 

A 17 year old drives to another city with an automatic rifle in order to “‘protect property” during the protests over the killing of yet another black man and kills two protesters, injuring another. He claims self-defense and is found not guilty by a jury, and lauded as a hero!

I won’t indulge my outrage at his exoneration except to pose this: If Kyle Rittenhouse was black, what are the chances that he would have walked out of that courtroom a free man? A black man defending himself in that situation would be seen as a dangerous and a violent thug; Rittenhouse was seen as a victim, and thus had the right to defend himself according to Wisconsin law. The American way: Unequal justice under the law!

But wait, you say. What about the verdict in Georgia by a jury of 11 white jurists and one black one convicting ? that shows the system worked, that justice was served. Right?

Before we get too carried away by the verdict, let us pause to remember that the three defendants walked free for two months, and potentially could have gotten away with a modern-day lynching of Arbery. Why? Because the District Attorney tried to hide evidence that proved their guilt. What was the evidence? An actual video of the cold blooded act shot by one of the three defendants. 

Remember it was the video of Derek Chauvin’s knee on George Floyd that led to his conviction. In the current case, the defendant provided the evidence to his own conviction. Oops!

Guess he was hoping to have evidence supporting their actions? Support that Arbery got what he deserved? 

William “Roddie” Bryan, one of the three convicted, filmed an execution of a black man out for a run. In America, if you are black, you can put on your Nikes, go out for an afternoon jog, and get put down like a dog!

Was there any moment in the filming that this White Supremacist registered the horror of what was unfolding? Was there any sense of humanity?  Who knows, maybe he planned to show it off to some friends one night at a local bar, or at some holiday party. 

Rumor has it that his two partners in crime, Travis McMichael and his father, Gregory McMichael, were outraged when they found out that he still had the video on his phone. “We told you to delete that shit, you stupid ass idiot? WTF?”.

Bryan reported that his buddies were so enraged with him that they told him he better request a different prison because they would kill him, just like they killed that black guy, if he was incarcerated with them. “You fucking ruined our life.” 

As for Rittenhouse, he remains the new darling of the American right. The outpouring of support for this American hero was overwhelming.

“There’s still a chance for this country,” wrote one Proud Boy. Another member stated that political violence must continue. “The left won’t stop until their bodies get stacked up like cord wood,” he wrote. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a bill to “award a Congressional Gold Medal to Rittenhouse, who protected the community of Kenosha, Wisconsin, during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) riot on August 25, 2020.”

Other notables to receive the award: George Washington, astronaut Neil Armstrong, the Tuskegee Airmen, Rosa Parks, Pope John Paul II, and Jackie Robinson. Why not Rittenhouse? How about a stamp with Rittenhouse sporting his Ar-15?

Congressman Matt Gaetz said he was open to giving Rittenhouse an internship on Capitol Hill.  Not to be undone, Representative Madison Cawthorn, made a flat-out offer of an internship and said: “Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty, my friends. “You have a right to defend yourself, so be armed, be dangerous, and be moral.” In the mind of our very own congressman, being armed and dangerous is about morality! 

Rumor has it that Crawford was overheard saying: “This boy has a great future ahead of him, and I want to be the one to launch it.” When asked about the future of the the two murder victims Cawthorn responded: “You support BLM, shit happens!” 

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Donald Trump Jr. wrote: “Gun Owners of America is sending Kyle Rittenhouse an AR-15. Sign the card in support of Kyle. Americans have a fundamental right to defend themselves, and to keep and bear arms. The verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a recognition of those rights.” And then we have The Don himself weighing in after a visit with Rittenhouse at Mar-a-Lago. “He came over with his mother. Really a nice young man.” Someone in the room said off camera he continued and said: We took a photo together and he’s very photogenic, almost angelic. His mother, not so much. I wouldn’t be caught dead with her. Not sure how such a good looking kid came out of her. I told him that if he were of age I would ask him to be my vice president. Hey Mike, your lucky Kyle wasn’t around with his weapon during January 6th.

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