Let Them Eat Dirt

With the new variant Omicron beginning to spread, America is potentially setting itself up for another big hurt. Still reeling from the devastation of the Delta variant, with 100,00 new cases a day and a thousand deaths, the right’s resistance to science continues to be looney tunes.

The Biden administration just released a plan to increase home-testing, and continues to push the importance of the vaccine, including mandating it in businesses with more than 100 employees, as the best protection against serious illness and death from the virus.

The Republican response to this is to threaten to shut the government down unless the Biden administration abandons its efforts to fight the coronavirus with vaccine mandates. In other words: “You want to require vaccines, then no one who works in the government gets paid! So much for mail delivery during the holiday season!”.

Once again the Republicans scream: “How dare the government infringe on our personal freedom?”

Since when does the definition of freedom include the right to endanger other people’s health and lives because you don’t feel like taking basic precautions?

What happened to the defenders of freedom, like Florida Governor, Ron DeSatanist and Texas Governor, Dread Abottt, who endorsed legislation preventing private businesses from requiring their workers  to be vaccinated? So much for the freedom to have your business choose to protect its workers! What gall!

And now we learn that The Don knew he was positive for Covid before his debate with Joe Biden. The former Narcissist-in Chief put all the people around him at risk without even a thought for their well being. As horrific as that is, it isn’t surprising as, The Don lives in a universe of one. Rumor has it that when one of his staff gently suggested he postpone the debate because he was a walking super spreader he said: “Are you fucking kidding me? This is the land of the free. You think I am going to give up an opportunity to destroy Biden with millions watching me, just to protect some staff? And who knows, I might infect the idiot and then the election would be mine!” 

Do you think The Don is winning more hearts in Republican land because he did this? Now there is a guy who knows what he wants, and goes after it. A real man. A real American hero. 

The Republican disregard for life, in the name of freedom, is astonishing. Makes you wonder if they are rooting for the pandemic to continue to devastate so they can blame the Democrats and Biden for failing to keep Americans safe. After all, the 2022 elections are less than a year away.

Speaking of Republicans who are helping the pandemic stay robust, putting people in harm’s way. Marcus Lamb (church) died this past week at 64 from Covid. This past May, he and his wife, Joni, on their show “Ministry Now” included a segment in which the Covid vaccine was falsely said to be “killing your immune system.”

“We want to warn you, we want to help you, we want to give you an alternative,” Mr. Lamb said.

Instead of getting vaccinated, “we can pray, we can get ivermectin and budesonide and hydroxychloroquine,”

“I’m at a loss for words today,” his son, Jonathan, tweeted. “My father was promoted to heaven at 4 am this morning.” Since we are using the word promotion, it is kind of like he skipped a couple of grades? I thought that kind of promotion was reserved for very smart people. 

I am hoping that if there is a God, they will look at him and say: “WTF, this idea that you were promoted is utter nonsense. Demotion is more like it. You are headed down there because your idiocy has killed a lot of people. Remember the Ten Commandments. “Thou Shall Not Kill!” Nor shall one be a witting accomplice to murder!”.

Prayer, ivermectin and budesonide and hydroxychloroquine do not work to protect people. But that doesn’t stop people with influence from promising false testimony to their efficacy.

But how about dirt? That’s right you heard right. Dirt! Maybe the virus is repelled by dirt. “Hey, no way am I going to get myself dirty trying to kill people. Not my thing.”

And this is not just your everyday dirt. Just the kind that is sold on the Black Oxygen Organics (BOO) Website. For a $110, you too can get on the BOO train. What do you get for that kind of coin? Four-and-a-half ounces magic dirt, sealed in a sleek black plastic baggie. And if you are thinking about this being a steep price, don’t forget to include the cost of shipping in your calculations.

Visitors to the Black Oxygen Organics website, (which was recently taken offline), were greeted with a pair of white hands cradling cups of dirt like an offering. “A gift from the Ground,” it reads. “Drink it. Wear it. Bathe in it.”

BOO, which “can be taken by anyone at any age, as well as animals,” according to the company, claims many benefits and uses, including improved brain function and heart health, and ridding the body of so-called toxins that include heavy metals, pesticides, and parasites. Tens of thousands of people have and are still ingesting it praying that it keeps the virus at bay.

Though there has been some push back regarding the benefits of dirt eating as a protector from Covid, there are still many out there trying to get in on the action. Rumor has it that some devotees are convinced that the fact that the name of the company is BOO is a sign that it scares the virus away. After all, who messes with anyone who says “Boo!”?

If this wasn’t a deadly affair, it would be funny. But like P.T. Barnum supposedly said (there is evidence that it is more likely that a banker named David Hannum from Syracuse, New York who actually said it) “A sucker is born every minute.” Usually, most of those suckers just lose money. These sad souls lose their lives.

And what’s up next in the world of fake cures for Covid? How about a new product called “Poop Dreams”? The sales pitch: Covid scared shitless of baby poop!”

How far will the anti-vaxxers go?

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