Let the War Begin

Turns out democracy mattered on election day and Americans can pause and take a breath. Election deniers lost and even conceded (Kari Lake, who lost the race for governor of Arizona, is still holding out). Thankfully, there was no violence. Given the cross winds facing them: high inflation, Biden’s low approval rating, the Republican fear tactics on crime and immigration, the stage was set for a scary and unsavory result. 

In the final analysis, it seems that crazy has its limits. But let’s temper our excitement and be clear-eyed and sober: the crazy still is very much present and is capable of creating chaos and much dysfunction. After all, White Supremacy hasn’t suddenly been erased. The Republicans, who pretend to be the protectors of freedom, are still wedded to controlling women’s bodies, racist and anti-LGBTQ policy, banning books and authoritative impulses. They are still a party dominated by the likes of Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley and Lindsey Graham, Marjorie Taylor Green, and a host of other dangerous and morally repugnant folks, who will do anything to attain power. Election denial took a drubbing, but there is no denying that the Republicans are still a toxic brand. 

We are back to the chorus of the “battle of the soul” of the Republican Party. Sorry guys, when you make a deal with the devil for so long, it eradicates your soul. The fact that their new apostle is Ron DeSatanist is proof in point. He calls himself. Mr. Anti-woke In other words, he is a standard bearer for all the denial of rights mentioned above.

Whining about losing and blaming The Don for these losses is pathetic and comical. They allowed The Don to ascend, promulgated his election denial and Big Lie delusion, and had a chance to rid themselves of him through the impeachment process, but the Senate didn’t convict him, even though he organized a violent insurrection and attack on our Capitol. Anyone doubt that if they had been more successful at the polls that he would be anointed as the second coming? They protected him, defended his liesm and believed he could lead them into the promised land; they shot for the moon, and lost. 

The G.O.A.T is now the goat. The greatest winner is now the biggest loser. And now, the party is turning on him.

Former Representative Peter King, a Republican, who has long supported Mr. Trump said, “I strongly believe he should no longer be the face of the Republican Party; he can’t become a personality cult.” Please Peter, The Don has been the leader of a personality cult, called the Republican, for 6 years. You suddenly noticed this? Give me a break!

Even Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, one of his staunchest supporters, seemed to sour on him. “If the voters conclude that you’re putting your own ego or your own grudges ahead of what’s good for the country…they’re going to look elsewhere, period”. Laura, suddenly you noticed that his “ego” and his “grudges” are flaws. Give me a break!

The New York Post ridiculed him on the cover as “Trumpty Dumpty,” with a gratuitous shot about how he not only had a great fall, but couldn’t build a wall. Rupert, the kingmaker: have you lost your taste for the man you helped put and keep on the throne? Give me a break?

But the demise of The Don has been predicted many times and despite Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the N.Y. Post designating him a loser, urging him to fade into the sunset, this is never going to happen. The only one who gets to call anyone a loser is The Don. Call him a loser at your own risk. The wounded lion is the most dangerous.

He is already attacking Mitch McConnell. He’s attacked the N.Y. Post. He is blaming Sean Hannity and darling Melania for his selection of Dr. Oz. What is important to remember is The Don is still the malignant narcissist he has always been. Nothing is ever his fault; if you attack him he comes back at you with a vengeance. We watched this time and time again; it is his modus operandi. He is energized by the fight. He is energized by the media attention. He will be energized by the millions who still love him. Sorry Republicans, you don’t get to determine the rules of this game. You fed the monster and now the monster is coming for you!

The battle has already begun. He has already come up with a nickname for Ron DeSatanist (It always starts with a nickname: Low Energy Jed, Little Marco, Lying Ted.) And now ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Ron DeSanctimonious. 

I must say that calling him DeSanctimonious made me chuckle as it followed a video DeSatanist released where he ordained himself anointed by God.

The Don had the opening blow in the battle of the ordained and said this: “If he did run, I will tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering. “I know more about him than anyone other than perhaps his wife, who is really running his campaign.”

I’m surprised The Don was so humble and conceded that he knew more than Ron’s wife. What kind of juicy stuff does he know and what lies will he tell? After all, he started a rumor that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the Kennedy assassination. Perhaps DeSatanist’s father was Vladimir Lenin’s right hand man? 

The Don feels particularly venomous toward DeSatanist. After all, his support helped him become governor of Florida. In other words, The Don made him what he is today. In mob speak, he was a “made” man, who has the unmitigated nerve to usurp the boss. That usually doesn’t turn out too well for the usurper.

As long as people are attending his rallies and he is getting air time, The Don will continue on. He will take no prisoners and tear the entire party apart if need be. He has no allegiance to anyone but himself. If he wins the nomination he will lose the election and he would have bludgeoned the party on the way. My most delicious fantasy however, is that he loses the nomination, runs as an independent, burning down the Republican party. Republicans cowardice, immorality and craven desire for power has brought this upon them. They created a monster and the monster is about to destroy their creators. Frankly, I can’t wait to watch. It couldn’t happen to a more unsavory bunch of people.

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