Time to Say the F Word Out Loud: Fascism!

Black Americans are the vanguard of the struggle for equality and freedom. All Americans owe a debt to their bravery, the blood they shed and the unyielding determination for equality. All battles for civil rights stand on their shoulders.

As we acknowledge the 58th anniversary of the transformative civil rights march across the Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama, dark forces in the Republican party are in an all out war to turn back the clock.

These attempts to undermine freedom of speech and equal treatment under the law make it necessary for us to look at this moment with sober eyes. It is time for The F word to be said out loud. Facism is gaining steam.

Everywhere you look, Republicans are on the attack. 

At CPAC, a right-wing carnival, where people like Don Jr. get their rocks off, the cuffs are off and rhetoric of hate thrives. Don Jr., taking a page out of his father’s playbook on cruelty, called Senator John Fetterman, (who suffered from a stroke and is now in the hospital for Depression) a “Vegetable.” He continued his vile comments by adding: “I’d love for John Fetterman to have, like, good gainful employment. Maybe he could be, like, a bag guy at a grocery store.” Rumor has it that Don Jr. whispered to his equally revolting girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle: “Why do we waste time and money on any disabled people? What do they contribute? They need too much support. They are just a drain on us, and in the way of making us even greater.” 

At the same CPAC charade, MTG announced her desire to make it a felony to perform “anything to do with gender-affirming care.” 

Here’s Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley: “Wokeness is a virus more dangerous than any pandemic, hands down.” So your campaign slogan is “Wokeness kills, Pandemic, meh?”.

In Tennessee, legislators passed a bill making it a crime to perform drag shows in any public spaces. So, it’s okay for Neo-Nazis to parade down the street but not okay for people to express themselves by dressing in drag? Saluting Hitler is fine, but singing show tunes is dangerous?

Also in Tennessee, during a House Criminal Justice Committee meeting Tuesday, where the use of a firing squad was being debated for those sentenced to death, Tennessee lawmaker, state Rep. Paul Sherrell, took the opportunity to suggest bringing back “hanging by a tree,” as an option for execution. Rumor has it, that after he proposed it, he turned to a fellow legislature and said: “My granddaddy got to see a bunch of them lynchings and always said it was such an exciting thing and created strong community.”

In a contentious race for State Supreme Court Judge in Wisconsin, which pits a liberal-leaning Democrat against a right-wing Republican, somehow George Soros, the anointed devil-worshiping Jew philanthropist, who is tied to many right-wing conspiracy theories, is featured in an attack ad accused of being the “mastermind behind America’s crime wave.” With comments like that, and other conspiracy theories blaming Jews, it is no wonder that anti-semitism is on the rise.

Yes, Jews are undermining our democracy and the rule of law. As opposed to The Don who has promised to pardon all those convicted of crimes during the January 6th insurrection (even those convicted of seditious conspiracy against our country!). To show his commitment to law and order, The Don assembled a group of defendants naming themselves the J6 Prison Choir who released a song titled “Justice for All” that features their rendition of the national anthem while the former president recites the Pledge of Allegiance. Rumor has it that The Don has threatened to sue Billboard if his song doesn’t make the top 10 next week saying: “This is the most patriotic song ever made, and some think it should be played before every sporting event in America. These heroes are the true patriots and they don’t deserve to be in prison with all those, you know, other people.”

Welcome to the greatest country in the world, where people who try to overthrow the government run free, and the return of lynching seems like a yearning for the good ole days.

Banning books that expose the heinousness of slavery or address the experience of the LGBTQ+ community are under siege. In Florida, schools in Manatee County have resorted to removing and covering the books that address issues of diversity as a result of a law instituted by Ron DeSatanist. The law mandates that books need to be reviewed by “certified media specialists,” who will determine whether or not the book is appropriate for school children. I don’t know about you but when I hear “certified media specialists,” but I hear the footsteps fascism.

Continuing his assault on education, DeSatanist  plans to transform New College, which is known as progressive and describes itself as “a community of free thinkers,” into a beacon of conservatism. Last month, the Republican governor removed six of the college’s 13 trustees, replacing them with allies holding strongly conservative views. The new board then forced out the college’s president, a career educator, and named Mr. DeSantis’s former education commissioner, a career politician, as her replacement. 

At North Idaho College, in the town of Coeur d’Alene, a committee precinct woman accused the school of supporting a “radical, racist and Marxist organization” and “guilting white male students.” An attempted coup by conservatives is wreaking havoc. Thankfully, the accreditation committee has threatened to take away the school’s accreditation which will force the university to shut down if it continues down this path.

In a chilling decision, the Georgia state legislature has passed a law that creates a Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission composed of gubernatorial and legislative appointees empowered to “discipline, remove, and cause involuntary retirement of appointed or elected district attorneys or solicitors-general” for “mental or physical incapacity,” “willful misconduct in office,” or “willful and persistent failure to carry out duties.” In other words, if a prosecutor is not acting in a manner that is favorable to the Republicans, they are at risk of being removed! Not only is The Don at risk at being indicted by prosecutor, Fani Willis, for his schemes to influence the outcome of the election results in Georgia (Just need 11,800 votes), but other Georgia legislators may also be on the list of those who could be indicted. This should chill us to the bones as it is nothing else but an attempt to dismantle our legal system.

Let’s end with my pal Ron Desatanist, who is also trying to pass a law that requires bloggers who write about legislators and the governor in Florida, to register with the state. The bill, if passed, will also require bloggers to disclose who is paying them and how much. Rumor has it that DeSatanist will also ask the legislature to add an additional element to the bill that requires all Floridians to use the word “DeGreatest” before they say his name. Failure to do this will result in a fine; a second infraction could result in a prison sentence. Hitler and Putin would be proud!

Time to wake up and say the F word out loud!

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