Justice Anyone?

Is it possible that big lies will finally be exposed and truth will prevail, that justice will triumph and rule breakers and spreaders of false narratives will finally get their comeuppance? 

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and am trying to temper my optimism, as I, like many, have been continuously befuddled by the lack of accountability. I know the road to justice can be slow, that we can’t rush to justice, that it is more like the turtle than the hare, but for some time now, it felt like the turtle has been on life support.

However, some recent events have pumped new blood into the turtle’s veins and the overconfident rabbit may be in for a walloping surprise.

For one, Jack Smith, the special prosecutor, appointed by Merrick Garland, to investigate the events of January 6th, as well as the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago (and what seems like the willful obstruction of returning them), seems to be heating up. 

In the documents case, he has subpoenaed attorneys who signed sworn affidavits testifying that all the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago were returned to the National Archives. As we know, that turned out to be untrue, as months later, the F.B.I. found over a hundred more documents.  

Mr. Smith wants to know who lied. Did the attorneys know there were more documents and cover for The Don, risking their careers and the possibility of jail time or did The Don lie to them, the way he lies to everyone? Bottom line here is unless the attorneys are reckless, self-destructive nitwits, chances are they were fed false information about the documents. Mr. Smith needs to ask one question: Who told you there were no more documents? Whether The Don told them directly or someone else relayed the information, the chances The Don wasn’t involved are zero. Of course, he will scream foul and claim  witch hunt and maybe even create a conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton paid an impersonator who lied to the attorneys.

Mr. Smith has also turned up the heat in the January 6th investigation going for the jugular by subpoenaing Mike Pence and Mark Meadows. Both Meadows and Pence refused to talk to the Congressional committee, but subpoenas from the Justice Department have more teeth. Meadows has little wiggle room here as his claim of executive privilege will go nowhere and let’s face it, as the song from Hamilton goes: He was in the room before it happened and when it happened. He is trapped like the rat he is and unless he makes a deal for immunity and gives up the goods on The Don, he is in trouble.

Then there is the ex vice president, who calls his wife “mother” and who fancies himself a man of great moral rectitude and courage, who has decided to fight his subpoena rather than tell the truth and finally put an end to the man who has done more to undo our democracy than any other president in history. (Not to mention wanting Pence hung?) And why is that? Umm…Is it because he has some fantasy that he can win the Republican nomination for President in 2024 and doesn’t want to alienate all of The Don’s supporters? But how foolish can you be Mikey? All those MAGA people still want to hang your ass for not breaking the law and helping The Don stay in power. Do you really think your shambolic attempt to show loyalty to The Don is going to change their feelings about you? 

So let’s talk about your unique approach to wiggling out of the subpoena. You are going to claim that most of the time you were the vice president and worked in the executive branch, but you also moonlighted as a senator, because every once in a blue moon you had to cast a vote to break a tie when the senate was deadlocked? As a senator you can claim the protected “debate or speech” clause in the constitution that states “the executive branch cannot summon officials in the legislative branch into a court in any other place.” 

Not so fast Mikey. In fact, the former federal Judge Michael Luttig, a staunch conservative jurist, who personally advised you that you did not have the unilateral power to overturn Joe Biden’s election (which by the way implies that you considered it!) stated: “If there are privileges and protections enjoyed by a Vice President when he or she serves as the President of the Senate during the Joint Session to count the electoral votes, those privileges and protections would yield to the demands of the criminal process.” And if you recall Mikey, Lindsey, Bootlicker, Graham, who actually is a senator, tried that defense to avoid testifying to a Georgia grand jury and lost; second, the information they are interested in is regarding your communication with The Don in the oval office or any place outside the Senate. So why just give it up now and do your patriotic duty?

And if that’s not enough, in New York, Manhattan’s district attorney, Alvin Bragg, is reported to be presenting evidence to a grand jury about Mr. Trump’s role in paying hush money to the pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential campaign. Yes Don, she’s back and a storm is brewing.

And if that’s not enough, in an unprecedented interview, the foreman of the special grand jury in Georgia, revealed that they were recommending more than a dozen people for indictments. My bet is that one of those people is The Don. Now it is time for Fani Willis, the D.A. of Fulton County, Georgia, to officially weigh in and announce the indictments.

And one more thing. It appears the masters of fake news and disinformation, Fox News, is about to get its comeuppance. They have been sued by Dominion for defamation, a company that provided voting machines during the 2020 election, for 1.6 billion dollars. Despite exhaustive evidence that there was no voter fraud, Republican operatives and spreaders of the “Big Lie,” most notably Rudy G. and Sydney Powell, were continually featured on Fox News, claiming the voting machines were tainted. But now for the first time, we have documentation in a brief filed by Dominion that includes text messages that prove that they knew The Don lost and continued to promote misinformation about the voting machines.

The Dominion filing declares. “From the top down, Fox knew.”

On Nov. 12, in a text chain with Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson pointed to a tweet in which a Fox reporter, Jacqui Heinrich, fact-checked a tweet from Mr. Trump referring to Fox broadcasts and said there was no evidence of voter fraud from Dominion.

Here is Tucker’s response: “Please get her fired,” Mr. Carlson said. He added: “It needs to stop immediately, like tonight. It’s measurably hurting the company. The stock price is down. Not a joke.” Ms. Heinrich  deleted her tweet by the next morning.

Here’s Tucker again with a desperate clarion call to action:“Do the executives understand how much credibility and trust we’ve lost with our audience?” Carlson texted his producer. He added, “An alternative like Newsmax could be devastating to us.” 

The network knew, of course, that Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell, a chief promoter of Dominion conspiracy theories, was at best just making stuff up because of the attention she was getting and at worst, delusional. She actually claimed that her beliefs about Dominion were based on an email she received from someone who claimed to be capable of “time travel in a semiconscious state.” 

On Nov. 18, 2020, Carlson told Ingraham: “Sidney Powell is lying by the way. Caught her. It’s insane.” Ingraham wrote back that Powell was a “complete nut.”

But Fox viewers were switching channels specifically to watch Sidney Powell as a guest” on Newsmax. And lo and behold, a few days after this discovery, Powell was a guest on Hannity’s show.

Looks like the foxes were finally caught in the hen house. And can someone explain to me what “time travel in a semi-conscious state” looks like?

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