Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Let me start with a big sigh of relief and congratulate Raphael Warnock on his senate victory. Warnock is the first Black person from Georgia to be elected to a full 6 year term. Hallelujah!

The outrage about The Don’s Thanksgiving guests is warranted but why the shock? This man has been trafficking in racist and anti-semitic rhetoric since he could speak. After all, his father, Fred, mentor of the dark arts of the deal, was arrested while attending a K.K.K. meeting. 

The Trumps were redlining blacks from their buildings in the 1970’s and even after they were sued by the federal government for their racial discrimination, they continued this racist policy and were sued a second time. And this was by the Nixon administration who was not shy of using their own racist tropes.

Then there is The Don’s infamous statement. “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. Those are the kind of people I want counting my money. No one else.”

And let’s not forget about the sexual predation, misogyny, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric. Remember he began his campaign for president claiming that Mexicans were rapists.

This is The Don. The fact that Kanye West and Nick Fuentes were guests for dinner should not surprise us. (Recently he has been using QAnon’s theme music at his rallies!) The fact that it took seven days for Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy to make a statement about it is disturbing and disheartening but shouldn’t surprise us as either. Even when McConnell did finally speak, he didn’t mention the Don’s name. McCarthy, the blithering sycophant that he is, supported The Don’s denial of knowing Fuentes.

Don’t you just love McConnell’s: “First, let me just say that there is no room in the Republican Party for anti-Semitism or white supremacy.” Sure Mitch, but didn’t you and your party continue to do nothing after The Don made his heinous “good people on both sides” remarks during the Charlottesville protest, with White Supremacists carrying tiki torches, chanting “Jews will not replace us, Jews will not replace us”? 

Let’s face it: Republicans have had so many opportunities to take a stand against this man and have failed miserably. All this hand-wringing about how The Don is rotten for the party is an exercise in hypocrisy and disingenuousness.  As I have said before, if the midterms had turned out better for the Republicans, there would be no hand wringing; there would be lip-licking, savoring the ascendency of their power. Their limpid attempts at hand washing of The Don are pathetic and laughable. They have no shame. 

But back to Thanksgiving dinner at Mar-a-Lago with The Don, Kanye and Nick. Let’s imagine the conversation. (The italics are actual statements)

The Don: Nice to see you, Kanye. And Nick, oops, what am I saying. Kanye, who is your friend? 

Kanye: This is Nick Fuentes. He’s my new BFF. He’s very cool. Great vibe. We are working on a song together called: “So you’re a Jew, how about some Defcon, too!” (Cracks up laughing)

The Don: Hope you mention Pepe the frog in the song. Did you hear Elon posted Pepe on Twitter?

Kanye: Didn’t know that. Did you Nick?

Fuentes: Yeah, I saw it. Elon’s got the power and the right thinking to change things. That’s why we need you Mr. President back in power. You understand what needs to be done to save this country.  Jews have too much power in our society. Christians should have all the power, everyone else very little.

Kanye: Amen, Nick.  Mr. President, did you have a chance to see the cool video Nick did?

The Don: Which one Kanye? You have been sending a bunch.

Kanye: The one where he compared Nazi death camps to Cookie Monster baking cookies, suggesting it was not possible to have killed six million Jews during World War. So cool that he could riff on Sesame Street? Pretty sick, right? I mean who would think of that? 

The Don: I never let my kids watch that idiotic show. If I came into the TV room and it was on I would blow a gasket.

Kanye:  Blow a gasket?

The Don: Yeah, you know how they say I tried to choke the secret service agent in the car when he wouldn’t take me to the Capitol? Like that, that kind of gasket.

Kanye: So you really did that? I told you Nick. I knew he did that? Totally cool. Fighting for your people, Mr. President.

Fuentes: A true revolutionary. If you were leading the people on January 6th it would have been a different outcome.

The Don: Got that right. (Turns to Kanye) I really like this guy. He gets me.

Kanye: Thought you guys would hit it off. 

Fuentes: Yeah, Mr. President, we jive…loved your Muslim ban. The First Amendment was not written for Muslims. Also Mr. President, while we are on the subject of equal rights, Jim Crow segregation was better for them, it’s better for us, it’s better in general. Of course, I make exceptions to this like my man Kanye. Herschel, too. 

Kanye: Got that right my man. Hey Mr. President, did you hear us on InfoWars.?

The Don: Didn’t catch that. Love Alex. Love, love, love him. Shame he lost those lawsuits. 

Kenye: A lot of coin he has to pay. But he’s still out there telling the truth. 

Fuentes: Sure is. Ye, loved it when you gave the Fuhrer his due. What did you say again?

Kanye: I was like: I like Hitler. Hitler has a lot of redeeming qualities. We got to stop dissing Nazis all the time.

Fuentes: And the holocaust, that shit can’t be true.

Kanye: I’m down with that, Nick. And you had some cool things to say about Putin, Nick.

Fuentes:  Oh yeah. I am definitely very pro-Putin and pro-Russia.

(Clicking of glasses)

Kanye: I am also. Mr. President, where are you at with Putin? You guys go way back, right?

The Don: We are thick as thieves. Remember the shit I took when I was in Helsinki and said I believed Putin when he said Russia didn’t interfere with the election even when our intelligence agencies were saying he did? 

Fuentes: That took guts, Mr. President. You are an inspiration.

The Don: And I can’t wait for this idiotic war with Ukraine to be over as Putin told me I am finally going to get to build my Trump Tower. Not in Moscow but in Ukraine. Very cool, right? I am going to be a big part of Russia’s expansion.

Fuentes: Mr. President, that is very cool indeed.

The Don: Ye, I am so glad you brought Nick to dinner. My kind of person. Hey Nick, what would you think of being a strategist for the campaign?

Fuentes: I’d be honored Mr. President. By the way, Mr. President, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Honors a time when White Christians took what what was theirs.

The Don: Amen…and look, here comes the turkey.

Kanye: Let’s say grace. Let’s pray for your triumphant return to the White House so we can Make America Great Again.

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